Discover the luxurious penthouse apartment Dimora della Vittoria, located in the heart of Rome, Italy. This turnkey renovation project designed by RM Architecture in 2023 is a contemporary gem, boasting natural oak and light-coloured lacquers in custom-made furniture to create a warm and cosy atmosphere.

Porcelain stoneware tiles in contrasting tones were used to bring the walls to life. Explore the Vittorie district, famous for its ancient monuments, and experience the unique beauty of Dimora della Vittoria for yourself.

About Dimora Della Vittoria

Revitalizing a Rome Home: Dimora della Vittoria

Located in the heart of the Vittorie district in Rome, Dimora della Vittoria underwent a turnkey renovation to bring new life to the home. An equipped cabinet at the entrance articulates and redefines the distribution axis of the entire flat, ending with an equipped bookcase cabinet that enriches the functions of the large and spacious living room.

Centering the Home: An Aquarium

At the center of the home, an aquarium is carefully set within a containing element that also incorporates its supporting structure. This focal point serves as the fulcrum of the dwelling, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Natural Materials and Contrasting Tones

Custom-made furniture made of natural materials such as natural oak and light-coloured lacquers further enhance the home’s atmosphere. Porcelain stoneware tiles in contrasting tones were used for the wall coverings.

Photography by Angelo Talia

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