This Delikai’t Flat, designed by Célia Antunez and located in Barcelona, Spain, is a stunning example of contemporary real estate.

Situated on one of the most active and most promenaded streets, this luxurious apartment is the perfect mix of elegance and surfing, with the sea, the beach and the summer at its heart. The materials, colors and shapes provide the perfect blend to live with an insayn style every day. This home was designed to represent the power of waves, while giving off a delicate and sophisticated touch.

About Delikai’t Flat

Experience the Power of Waves with Insayn Design in Barcelona

Located in Barcelona, on one of the most bustling and fashionable streets, this Insayn design will captivate you with its curves, materials, and colors. Created for a young kitesurfer who loves the summer, elegance, and life in general, this flat is a reflection of his lifestyle and the things he loves and enjoys.

The intention was to create a perfect mix of elegance and surf, with the sea, the beach, and the summer in mind. Delikai’t then represented all these elements in one place, with materials, colors, and shapes that provide the perfect blend to live with an Insayn style every day.

Open-Concept Design

To bring the concept to life, we opened up the social area to create an expansive, unified space with direct access to the main terrace of the flat, featuring hidden spaces and details. The bathroom is located in the social area, while still maintaining the privacy of the bedrooms.

The suite bedroom opens up to the second terrace, providing a stunning landscape, and is complete with a big closet hidden behind the headboard and a bathroom with dual showers. The two other double bedrooms in the private area are joined by an office for work.

Art Gallery-Style Design

This home was created to represent the power of waves, while giving off a delicate and sophisticated touch. We used geometrical shapes and rich colors in the space to reflect the movement of the surf right on the walls, furniture, and accessories. The result is a flat transformed with an Insayn touch – giving audiences a sense of openness and freedom, making them feel as if they are in their own private art gallery.

Photography by Marc Nogue 20cmStudio

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