Step into + Dal Verme, Elena Tirinnanzi‘s 2021 masterpiece in Milan, Italy. This stunning apartment renovation showcases a unique terrace, offering an escape in one of Italy’s most dynamic cities.

Tirinnanzi’s design fuses modern elegance with Milan’s historical charm, creating a space that invites both comfort and style. Here, residents can immerse themselves in Milan’s rich culture and lively atmosphere, right from their own urban haven.

About + Dal Verme

Inside + Dal Verme: Milan’s Modern Elegance

Elena Tirinnanzi’s 2021 redesign of “+ Dal Verme” in Milan ushers in a new era of apartment living. Here, contemporary design meets comfort, welcoming residents with its harmonious blend of textures and light.

Crafting Cozy Modern Interiors

As you step into the living area, plush golden sofas offer a warm embrace, contrasting the cool herringbone floors. Meanwhile, a bold chandelier adds drama overhead. Artfully arranged shelves create a narrative of personal style and cozy living, merging seamlessly with the vibrant ambiance.

Delight in Every Detail

Furthermore, a stroll through the apartment reveals a bedroom oasis of calm simplicity, leading to a bathroom where bursts of color meet Milanese chic. Here, the striking vanity stands out against soft tiles, showcasing a blend of functional beauty and bold design choices.

In every corner, “+ Dal Verme” showcases Tirinnanzi’s flair for marrying Milan’s dynamic spirit with the tranquility of a private retreat, making each space not just a house, but a home.

Photography by Op-Fot

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