Discover the stunning transformation of the D House, a single-story Mediterranean villa designed by Sober Architecture and Design.

Located in the heart of Saint-Tropez, France, this exquisite property offers a contemporary spin on classic Provencal style. Immerse yourself in a world of warm ambiance, elegant materials, and modern luxury that perfectly captures the essence of Saint-Tropez’s glamorous lifestyle.

About D House

Modern Makeover: Transforming a Provencal Villa in Saint-Tropez

Nestled in Saint-Tropez, this Provencal villa recently experienced a modern transformation. Spanning 4,090 sq ft (380 sqm), the villa boasts a unique ambiance, primarily crafted by the innovative use of lighting. A warm mood permeates the space, thanks to a blend of orange lights and an abundance of submerged oak. The designers introduced long, automated patio doors to infuse more light and seamlessly connect the interior living rooms to the outdoors.

Elegant Exterior: Harmonizing Facade and Landscape Design

The villa’s light beige facade coating impeccably complements the sand-colored French natural stone that adorns the terrace and pool edges. This modern material selection infuses a touch of freshness into the project. Majestic palm trees in the garden lend a beach-side atmosphere to the pool area.

Luxurious Bathrooms: Showcasing Solid Marble Accents

A standout feature of this villa is the solid marble work found in each bathroom. To bestow a unique personality upon each bathroom, the designers incorporated different marble colors, such as white and blue.

A Perfect Blend: Merging Owner’s Vision and Designer’s Expertise

Ultimately, this project beautifully melds the owner’s foundational philosophy with the designer’s skills and taste. The result is a stunning, modern Provencal villa that captivates and inspires.

Photography courtesy of Sober Architecture and Design

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