And this is no different from the UK citizens who love to have friends over for some tea and biscuits or a couple of beers as they watch the Manchester derby. But to truly provide an entertainment hub, you need an outdoor room.

That’s right mates, the outdoor entertainment area is the missing link between indoor living and the great nature outside. So, how do you create an exquisite entertainment area? It all revolves around the use of weatherboards. Read on as we show you.

Weatherboard Cladding Plus the Great Outdoors: 5 Key Steps to the Perfect Entertainment Area

1. Choose Sturdy Materials

When building an entertainment area, you need to think of the foundation. Like every other construction, a solid foundation is essential for durable and long-lasting creations such as your entertainment area. And a great foundation requests great materials and great ideas.

Therefore, when picking your furniture, go for items made from durable materials like hardwood timber, and aluminium. For the walls of your entertainment area, fibre cement weatherboard cladding is an efficient protector against harsh weather. It’s fire-resistant and weatherproof and prevents the soaking of moisture.

2. Get Creative with Your Weatherboard Cladding

Now that you’ve picked out the elements of your outdoor entertainment area, it’s time to get creative. You see, weatherboard cladding is beyond adding more layers to the walls of your outdoor area. It’s also a great way to add an aesthetic appeal and keep the vibes going when guests arrive.

For instance, if you love the beach so much, you can add weatherboard cladding to the veranda. This converts a plain outdoor setting to an East Beach-looking environment.

3. Try Out Horizontal Cladding

If you’re stuck on what pattern to use for your entertainment hub, try using horizontal cladding. Horizontal weatherboard cladding patterns are great because of the effect they have on passers-by.

For instance, the horizontal lines help direct the individual’s attention to the horizon, granting them even more visual pleasures. Also, you can use horizontal cladding to draw a connection between the interior and the entertainment area. This allows the guests and family to feel the transition from indoors to the great outdoors.

4. Include Privacy

While it’s great to show off your entertainment area, not every part of your activities needs to be seen by prying eyes. So consider using blinds and constructed walls to add a bit of privacy to your outdoor setting.

Trees, shrubs, and even pergolas are creative ways to combine privacy with aesthetics.

5. Include a Shade

Speaking of pergolas, they are also great for adding shades to the entertainment area. In a place like the UK, there will always be rainy days, snowy days, and also heat waves. To beat any of these events, installing a pergola is essential.

And the best part is that pergolas can be designed to blend into the theme of your outdoor area, making them a great mix of style and function.


We all want our guests and families to have a great time, but the living room isn’t always enough. With a new entertainment area, the good times aren’t limited anymore. And with the outlined steps, you can work your way to a great entertainment area.

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