This serene waterfront retreat is located in the unique landscape of the creek at Towd Point, in Southampton, one of only 28 Federal Ecological Preserves in the US. Designed by the architecture firm TRA Studio, Cottage at Towd Point Road is the only house whose site is at the bend of the Towd Point peninsula, right where the views of the protected creek are at the widest and where a little beach naturally occurred. This minimalist property provides stunning views of the Atlantic and the surrounding nature, perfect for a peaceful getaway for friends and family.

About Cottage at Towd Point Road

This Atlantic Peaceful Retreat: An Architectural and Interior Design Masterpiece

Caterina and Bob of TRA Studio chose this property in Southampton, one of only 28 Federal Ecological Preserves in the US, for its extraordinary setting and precise location. Situated at the bend of the Towd Point peninsula, the house has the widest views of the protected creek and features its own private beach.

Making Small Spaces Feel Big

TRA Studio specializes in making small spaces feel big, and that is exactly what they achieved in this cottage. Originally a modest fishing outpost, the house went through many alterations to become a modern cottage for a New York family. The compactness of the volumes contributes to the environmental quality of the house, while the simple natural materials have been carefully restored and insulated.

A Seamless Transition From Interior to Exterior

The informal weathered materials and reductive color palette create a serene environment that seamlessly transitions from the exterior to the interior. The vintage busted kayak, repurposed as a planter, completes the process. The historic foam-green siding gabled façade acts as a backdrop for the dining pavilion.

A Place to Gather and Enjoy Nature

In an area known for its grand estates, the house is often the place where friends and family gather. People don’t want to leave due to the size of the house, the largeness of the creek, and the wild life coexisting in harmony with the visitors. The landscaping aims to enhance the existing, with three weathered trees given new life and the natural arch of the creek outlined by the bulkhead. Towd Point Little Beach is a habitat meant to be shared with birds and animals.

Photography courtesy of TRA Studio

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