Step into the stylish world of Consolation Apartment, a contemporary gem nestled in the vibrant city of São Paulo, Brazil. Designed by the renowned Studio Arthur Casas, this spacious dwelling draws inspiration from the chic aesthetic of New York lofts.

Boasting an integrated social area and eye-catching dark woodwork, this modern masterpiece is the epitome of sophisticated living. Discover the charm of its stunning bookcase centerpiece, flexible spaces, and exquisite furniture pieces that add a touch of elegance to every corner.

About Consolation Apartment

New York Loft-Inspired Design

This apartment’s design skillfully combines spaces, fostering conversation between social areas while adhering to the clients’ request for a specific aesthetic inspired by New York lofts.

Achieving an American Aesthetic

Darker joinery elements help achieve this American-inspired aesthetic, moving away from a minimalist approach and placing emphasis on the strategically designed bookcase. This bookcase not only separates different spaces within the apartment but also showcases the couple’s extensive library, becoming a focal point of the project.

Integrated Living and Dining Spaces

The open-concept living and dining room connects to the kitchen through a floor-to-ceiling panel. The apartment also includes a home theater near the social area and two suites, with one being a master suite.

Balancing Contrasting Elements

To create harmony within the project, the dark wood bookcase contrasts with the lighter tones of the walls and floors throughout the apartment. In response to the need for a home office, the dining table cleverly “transforms” into a workbench. By moving one end of the table closer to the frame, a separate work area is created.

Furniture Selections and Designer Collaborations

The interior features furniture designed by renowned designers, such as the Anette armchair and Senior dining chairs by Jorge Zalszupin; the Adobe 2 table by Guilherme Wentz; a lamp by Sergio Rodrigues; and a side table by Lucas Recchia. Additionally, several pieces were designed by Arthur Casas, including the Ettore side table, the Disco stool, and the log dining/work table.

Photography courtesy of Studio Arthur Casas

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