Discover Comporta 107, an architectural gem by Demm Arquitectura in Comporta, Portugal. This modern beach house effortlessly captures the essence of its surroundings, from the pristine beaches to the verdant pine forests.

Nestled amid sand dunes and flanked by rice fields, its design beautifully merges the outdoors with the indoors, using materials like exposed concrete, textured wood, and sand-colored natural stones adorned with fossil imprints. Experience a flawless blend of nature and luxury where each space is purposefully crafted to bring the raw beauty of Comporta’s landscape right into your living room.

About Comporta 107

A Beacon of Natural Beauty: Comporta 107

Nestled among Comporta’s pine forests and rice fields, this beach house distinctively sits gracefully atop sand dunes. Drawing its primary inspiration from the area’s untouched, wild beaches, the design seamlessly mimics its dunes and lush vegetation.

Modern Design Merges with Nature

Firstly, Comporta 107 boasts two transparent volumes, allowing observers to marvel at the enveloping natural complexity. The ground floor proudly features a wooden volume, subsequently topped by a concrete structure on the first. Innovatively, patios inhabit this ground floor, intentionally blending sand and dune vegetation with social areas. This fusion expertly creates an invigorating indoor-outdoor ambiance.

Furthermore, in highlighting the design’s commitment to transparency, the first-floor concrete volume exhibits unique supports. Resting only at two outermost points, this strategic design effectively leaves the living room and kitchen free from vertical obstructions. As a result, these spaces can fully open to the adjacent outdoor pool area and internal patios, masterfully blurring the boundaries between inside and out.

A Biophilic Approach to Living

Beyond the architecture, nature plays a vital role. Both the bedrooms and social areas consistently embrace rich, local vegetation, thereby fostering a deep connection with nature. These plant choices, moreover, integrate seamlessly with the property’s architectural ethos.

Additionally, the house’s exterior spaces, from terraces to balconies and gardens, further accentuate its connection to the environment. They not only harmonize with but also accentuate the surrounding beauty, acting as a bridge between the built environment and nature. A particularly evocative feature is the extending pine forest backdrop, weaving through dune vegetation meticulously curated around the pool.

Optimizing Light and Space

In terms of spatial design, the home’s interiors are notably spacious. Coupled with full-height windows, they ensure a cascade of natural light. This element crucially strengthens the visual bond between indoor and outdoor realms, immersing residents in Comporta’s breathtaking vistas.

Handpicked Materials for Harmony

Lastly, when it comes to material choices, attention to detail reigns supreme. The inclusion of exposed concrete offers both weight and visual ease. This is beautifully complemented by a specially-textured wood used both inside and out. Corten steel and large sand-colored stones, embedded with evocative fossils, further echo the nearby beach’s spirit.

Photography by FG+SG | Fernando Guerra

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