Comfortable Dwelling with a Wow Factor is an elegant apartment located in Kyiv, Ukraine, designed in 2022 by Sence Architects.


A combination of homeliness and modern design solutions. “Elegance” is a new project from SENCE ARCHITECTS, created specifically for a young couple who loves traveling. The apartment provides a hotel atmosphere and well-thought-out functionality, so that, every corner serves as a comfort zone.

Interior color palette is rather restrained, classical and minimalistic. Ceramic granite became the highlight of the project, as it allows light to pass through and visually expands the apartment, giving some additional space and volume to it. Greening along the mirror wall creates a special microflora, harmonious combination of wood and marble provides the effect of naturalness and environmental friendliness.

“Elegance” is also all about lightness. SENCE ARCHITECTS specialists opted for a hidden installation in order to avoid additional heavy structures. Built-in shelves, tinted and mirrored facades easily hide all the accessories, creating a symbiosis of convenience and practicality. The flat is equipped with numerous spotlights, as well as additional LED lighting around the mirror and some shelves. Diffused light is soft and non-aggressive, it creates an atmosphere of coziness, peace, and harmony.

Photography by Maxim Artbovich

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