In the verdant embrace of Hungary’s countryside, the CLT House emerges as a modern architectural marvel, harmoniously intertwined with nature. Crafted by the Hello Wood Team in 2023, this home isn’t merely a dwelling—it’s an embodiment of design and tranquility.

With its green rooftop merging into the landscape and a sprawling 135 square-meter terrace, the CLT House offers a dialogue between comfort and the great outdoors, showcasing sustainable design through its cross-laminated timber structure and the striking yakisugi-treated facade.

About CLT House

Hello Wood’s CLT House: A Harmony of Design and Nature

Hidden in Hungary’s lush landscapes, the CLT House stands as a modern marvel of architecture. Created by Hello Wood, this retreat seamlessly integrates with its natural surroundings. More than just a house, it’s a sanctuary, a statement of design in perfect harmony with the earth.

Blending Architecture with the Environment

The house, nestled into a mound, peeks out to merge with the horizon. Its green rooftop, alive and part of the landscape, is not just for aesthetics; it’s an integral, living element. Furthermore, a 135 square-meter (1,453 square feet) terrace extends elegantly to the water’s edge, providing an ideal spot to witness the beauty of sunrises and sunsets.

Inside, the house offers two rooms: a living area, a cozy bedroom, a sleek kitchen, and a luxurious bathroom. Additionally, the guest room serves as a peaceful retreat for visitors, allowing them to escape their daily routines.

Crafting with Sustainability and Style

A summer kitchen, roofed and inviting, connects these spaces. It features a furnace, resembling a shark fin, that acts as a sculptural sentinel. Moreover, the house’s structure, made of cross-laminated timber and treated with the yakisugi method, ensures both durability and aesthetic appeal. This ancient technique brings out a charcoal beauty, endowing the house with timeless elegance.

The CLT House reflects Hello Wood’s meticulous attention to detail. Concrete molded with leftover wood displays the texture of beams, and large glass windows and doors usher in the beauty of the outside world. Consequently, the house is not just built; it’s a crafted, considered work of art. It stands as Hello Wood’s tribute to architecture, nature, and innovation. Here, one finds a place where memories are made, and tranquility is as real as the wood grain beneath your fingers. In this unique space, architecture and nature don’t just meet; they blend in a timeless embrace. Welcome to the CLT House, where every detail sings in wood and wonder.

Photography by György Palkó

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