Cedarlakes Residence is a modern two-story house located in Gloucester, Ottawa, Canada, designed in 2020 by Colizza Bruni Architecture.


The Cedarlakes Residence is a modest, 2100 sf 3-bedroom single family residence located in a new subdivision of primarily large prototypical 3000+sf suburban homes. The home, situated on a unique triangular site with a backdrop of mature trees, creates a striking impression within its suburban context. Surrounded on two sides by a forest of coniferous trees, the Cedar Lakes Residence resembles a series of parallel, rectilinear volumes stacked in a sculptural formation.

Three minimalist volumes, clad in white cement board and wood siding, shift side to side and stretch across the site in an elongated and playful manner creating dramatic cantilevered overhangs. The “shifted” volumes resulted in outdoor spaces and gardens that become extensions of the interior.

Like the exterior, the interior is composed of a simple pallet of white and wood with large windows looking out to the forest. The light filled interior spaces, both open and functional, harmonize with the clean and simple language of the exterior and are intimately connected with the surrounding coniferous trees.

Photography courtesy of Colizza Bruni Architecture

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