Step into the Castle on the Coast of Barcelona, a stunning family home with a story. This 16th-century castle, set in the beautiful Maresme area near Barcelona, Spain, has been lovingly transformed by Rehab. They’ve kept its old-world charm while adding modern comforts. Inside, you’ll find historic stone walls and vaulted ceilings alongside stylish, up-to-date features. This blend of old and new creates a unique home that’s full of character and steeped in the rich heritage of Catalonia’s wine country.

Elegant room with vaulted ceilings, stone walls, and arched wooden doors
Rustic interior with vaulted ceilings, stone walls, and modern furnishings.
Elegant living room with arched brick ceiling, stone walls, and cozy seating
Stone archway leading to stairs with a modern sculpture and wine rack on the left
Rustic wine cellar interior with stone walls and wooden racks.
Rustic stone-walled room with a long wooden table and oversized dome pendant
Rustic stone-walled interior with arched doorway, elegant furniture, and
Modern kitchen interior with stainless steel appliances and minimalist design.
Elegant bathroom with navy walls and gold-framed artwork, viewed through an open

About Castle on the Coast of Barcelona

Discovering Barcelona’s Hidden Gem: A Revived 16th Century Castle

In Barcelona’s Maresme area, a vineyard estate boasts a 16th-century castle, recently transformed into a unique family residence. After years of closure, this historic castle now welcomes a new chapter.

Rehab’s Touch: Crafting a Manor House’s New Identity

Rehab took the reins, revitalizing the castle’s interior and construction. Notably, the manor house features two striking towers framing its main façade. This redesign brings the estate’s history into a modern context.

A Fusion of Old and New: Restoring the Castle’s Core

Recent consolidation efforts have rejuvenated the castle, particularly its wine cellar. This space, adorned with original vaults, now houses barrels and wine presses. Rehab focused on preserving the castle’s essence, restoring walls and ceilings to combat humidity and stone degradation. The floors, crafted from natural stone imported from India, are a new addition, blending seamlessly with the historical ambiance.

The castle’s solemnity shines through in details like the original main door from 1577. Its arch, made of 17 voussoirs, epitomizes Catalonia’s grand architecture.

Elegant Interiors: A Blend of Antiquity and Art

Rehab’s interior design honors the castle’s stately past. Natural materials like original stone, lime paint, and oak wood ceilings complement the structure. Furnishings include restored antiques and custom pieces by Rehab, reflecting the vineyard’s color palette.

Art also plays a key role, with a collection from the Miquel Alzueta gallery featuring contemporary paintings and sculptures.

Illuminating Design: Crafting Moods with Light

Innovative lighting transforms the interiors, creating serene environments. CA2L’s collaboration introduced three lighting styles: general, indirect, and theatrical. The ground floor, lacking natural light, features versatile, mood-enhancing illumination.

Culinary Excellence: Combining Industrial and Traditional Styles

The kitchen showcases a fusion of industrial functionality and traditional design. An olive green display case with bush-hammered natural stone maintains the Catalan essence.

Rehab’s team reflects on the project as a remarkable journey, reviving a space unoccupied for decades, enriching it with life and beauty.

Photography by Ariadna Puigdomènech

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