Set in the heart of Cuernavaca, Mexico, often referred to as the “City of Eternal Spring,” Casa Sumiya emerges as a contemporary weekend haven by Natalia Menache – Architecture & Interior Design.

Originally a 20-year-old dwelling, this house boasts a fusion of original wooden and rustic stone features. With every room, there’s an orchestrated blend of custom-made furniture and locally-crafted marbles, complemented by astute lighting choices. Beyond its functionality, the reimagined space tells a compelling story, offering guests a blend of nostalgia and modern sophistication.

About Casa Sumiya

A Fresh Take on Casa Sumiya’s Design

Tucked away in Cuernavaca, Mexico, Casa Sumiya shines as a perfect weekend getaway. We wanted to show off the home’s natural charm, like its wooden floors and pretty beams. We also showcased its old-school touches, like the stone columns and rough stones.

Marrying Decor with Design

We worked hard to make these building features stand out. And so, every room matched the furniture perfectly. This approach made rooms both welcoming and useful. On top of that, we added hand-made local decorations, showing off the talent of nearby craftsmen. These artists made modern items that looked really special.

Even though the house has many guest rooms, we kept a consistent style. Yet, we added fun twists in each space to make them stand out.

Local Touches and Smart Lighting

All the furniture was specially made, using light woods like oak. We paired them with natural materials like rattan and jute. We also used local marbles in some furniture pieces.

Next, we looked at lighting. We picked lamps that would show off the best parts of the house. For instance, woven jute lamps gave a cozy feel, while shiny copper ones lit up walls and finishes.

Lastly, this project was a big task. We had to update a 20-year-old house and give it a modern twist without changing too much. For us, good design isn’t just about looks. We want to make spaces that feel good and tell a story.

Photography courtesy of Natalia Menache

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