Step into the world of Casa Sui, a unique and modern single-story house designed by Nídia Duarte Architecture, nestled in the lush gardens of Palácio das Mangabeiras in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

This remarkable home, redesigned in 2022, features a harmonious blend of nature and architecture, seamlessly integrating the indoors with the picturesque landscape of Minas Gerais. Casa Sui was built with sustainability and adaptability in mind, using optimized metallic bars to minimize waste and speed up the construction process.

Experience the beauty of this eco-conscious haven as you explore its open layout, cozy breakfast area, and gourmet living spaces. Marvel at the intricate details, such as the woven nautical ropes, iron and wood chaise by André Ferri, and stunning quartzite panel in the bedroom, all of which showcase the rich Brazilian culture and design heritage.

About Casa Sui

Introducing the Unique Casa Sui

Casa Sui, inspired by the Latin expression “Sui Generis,” embodies uniqueness and originality in its design. Built in a mere 20 days on the iconic garden of Palácio das Mangabeiras in the capital of Minas Gerais, Brazil, this building showcases a reverent respect for the environment, seamlessly blending with its surroundings.

Harmony Between Architecture and Nature

Featuring a horizontal, linear design and a deliberately set back base, Casa Sui is enveloped by nature on all sides. The architectural construction flows through the gardens while nature penetrates the designed structures, creating a perfect symbiosis that fosters unity and connection.

Efficient and Adaptable Construction

Designed to minimize waste, the entire house was built using the full length of metallic bars available on the market. Modules of 6 meters (19.7 feet) were cut from 12-meter (39.4 feet) metallic bars, optimizing material usage, ease of execution, and construction speed. This efficient design makes the building easily adaptable to any location.

Inviting and Dynamic Facade

Casa Sui’s facade features symmetrically spaced sets of two folding pivoting doors, inviting viewers to contemplate various angles of the surrounding landscape. The manually woven nautical ropes over the glass doors filter natural light and create an ephemeral play of light and shadow within the pavilion.

Relaxing Outdoor Spaces

A cozy breakfast area adjacent to the front porch provides a relaxing atmosphere with sofas and trees surrounded by a stunning garden. An iron and wood chaise designed by André Ferri, a local artist, offers a comfortable spot for reading amidst the lush nature. A rebar mesh backdrop allows light to flood in, showcasing the beautiful araucaria and palm trees.

Welcoming Gourmet Living Area

The gourmet living area is perfect for family gatherings and informal meetings. The kitchen island, attached table, and organic couch create a direct connection with the fluid layout of the project. Warm wood tones, a mix of textures, and a curved wall featuring a bookcase on one end and a vertical garden with a wine cellar on the other add to the welcoming atmosphere. Highlights include rough wood-finished shelves, a climate-controlled wine cellar, a minibar, and a dedicated coffee corner.

Secluded and Stylish Bedroom

The bedroom, framed in a wooden structure, follows the same detached concept as the rest of the project. The bed is set at the center of the room facing the outside garden, flanked by a Sui reclining chair designed by the architect exclusively for this display room and paintings by Daniel Mansur. A wood-framed cabinet sits on the other side of the room. An emerald green quartzite panel serves as both the headboard and the wall for the bathroom behind it, which features a relaxing soaking tub and a beehive-shaped bookcase. Punctuated lighting showcases the volumetry, textures, and noteworthy elements throughout the space.

Photography courtesy of Nídia Duarte Architecture

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