Discover the enchanting Casa Stalla, a remarkable transformation of a 1904 suburban stable into a contemporary home by Piano B Architetti Associati in Munich’s Solln district. This once humble structure now stands as a testament to architectural evolution, blending traditional brick with modern abstract elements. The design delicately balances the building’s rural origins with sophisticated spatial reorganization, creating a seamless flow between its storied past and innovative present.

Bright, rustic-style living room with exposed beams and a large leather sofa.
Modern living room with exposed beams, brick wall, and leather sofa.
Rustic interior with exposed brick wall, wooden beams, and a simple wooden
Modern kitchen with exposed beams, pendant lights, and sleek black cabinetry.
Modern room with exposed brick walls and wooden beams.
Minimalist children's room with a whimsical bed and balloon ceiling lights.
Minimalist bedroom with a grey palette, patterned wardrobe, and wooden ceiling.
Minimalist interior with a sleek sink, dark floor, white walls, and exposed
Elegant bathroom with dark blue walls, round mirror, and stylish accessories.
White traditional house with arched entry and winding garden path.

About Casa Stalla

Historic Beginnings and Transformations

The journey of Casa Stalla began in 1904 as a suburban villa stable in Munich’s Solln district. Over time, developers expanded and transformed it into a residence, aligning it along an east-west longitudinal axis. This narrow, elongated structure opens to a southern garden, while a blind wall encloses its northern side, bordering adjacent properties.

Reviving the Past

The project skillfully unearthed hidden surfaces and structures, rekindling the building’s rural ambiance. Additionally, it reorganized the space, maintaining its rhythm but employing more abstract geometries and materials. This juxtaposition of old and new, formal and informal, is accentuated by recovered objects from various eras, highlighting the property’s layered history.

Creating Fluid Spaces

The entrance features a striking double-height design, connected to the living area on the second level by a sleek black iron staircase. Together, they form a continuous space, allowing for a fluid experience of the entire building. This design cleverly reveals and breaks up the fragmentation caused by various additions over time.

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Photography courtesy of Piano B Architetti Associati

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