Embark on a journey to Casa Soleto, where Studio Andrew Trotter and Marcelo Martínez have masterfully restored a historic mansion nestled in the village life of Salento, Puglia.

This noble residence, dating back to the 17th century, marries the allure of ancient architecture with modern-day comforts. The property invites you to immerse in an authentic Italian experience, showcasing preserved historic elements like original flooring and three-century-old doors. Casa Soleto stands as a testament to luxurious, yet genuine village living, promising a tranquil sanctuary steeped in history.

About Casa Soleto

Experience Authentic Village Life at Casa Soleto

Casa Soleto beckons with the authentic charm of village living in Salento’s pulsating heart, Puglia. Studio Andrew Trotter and Marcelo Martínez have meticulously revived this noble palazzotto, blending historical allure with modern sophistication. Amidst original floors and 300-year-old doors, this seventeenth-century gem offers a serene retreat, a taste of barefoot luxury.

Andrew Trotter’s Visionary Discovery

Andrew Trotter harbors a passion, some say an obsession, for discovering homes online. His quest led him to a hidden gem in an unheard-of town in September 2020. Unusually, this modest-sized residence, about 220 square meters (2,368 square feet), boasted both a front patio and a rear courtyard.

Initially, a real estate agent broke the news of the house’s pending sale, denying us a visit. Persistence paid off, and a visit later, we were smitten. When the initial offer collapsed, we seized the chance, crafting a successful counteroffer.

The palazzotto, brimming with baroque details, was like stepping into a time capsule. Filled with remnants of its former occupants, it whispered tales of its past, waiting for a touch of care to spring back to life. Yet, the reality was more challenging than anticipated, with the pandemic stretching the purchase over seven months and renovations revealing hidden issues, from structural damage to outdated utilities.

A Labyrinth of Historical Charm

This house whispers stories from its 400-year-old walls. Behind the kitchen, a former chapel now serves as a cozy media room, complete with a sofa bed and an outdoor shower. The living spaces flow into a grand dining room and a serene garden room, opening to a garden with a refreshing plunge pool—ideal for basking or cooling off on sultry days.

Ascending the outdoor staircase in the courtyard, the upper floor unveils a world of tranquility. A lush green room introduces a street-facing bedroom, complete with an en-suite and a walk-in closet. The master suite, replete with a terrace and a vintage bath, promises sanctuary. Another spacious bedroom offers solitude, leading to a private living area and a beautifully tiled bathroom.

Discovering Soleto’s Timeless Allure

Soleto stands as a beacon of traditional life amidst Salento’s heart. A stone’s throw from historical marvels like Lecce and Galatina, it’s a tapestry of local dialects, ancient chapels, and terracotta maps dating back centuries. Ideally positioned halfway between two seas, Soleto offers both serene beaches and dramatic Adriatic cliffs within a 25-minute journey.

Crafting Casa Soleto with Artisan Mastery

Preserving the house’s soul while infusing contemporary comfort, we allied with skilled artisans. Domingue Finishes brought walls to life with textures and hues, while Tullio Cardinale’s craftsmanship perfected the plastering. We handpicked vintage-style bathroom fittings from Valadares and enlisted Alba Falegnameria’s expertise for authentic woodwork.

Adorning the floors, Armadillo Rugs introduced a tactile softness, complemented by Paglia di Lino’s linen finishes. Frama’s minimalist elegance interplayed with historic furnishings, creating a harmonious dialogue between past and present.

Art permeates Casa Soleto, with heritage pieces joined by Eleanor Herbosh’s soil-inspired paintings and Swedish artist Lucas Morten’s contributions.

In this journey, we’ve woven together local artistry, creating not just a restored house, but a vibrant, living home.

Photography by Salva Lopez

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