Casa SFC is a modern apartment located in Palermo, Italy, designed in 2022 by La Leta Architettura.


The house is located on the penultimate floor of a building in the center of town and has a large terrace.Before the renovation project, the outdoor space was not fully enhanced and was not in relation to the living area, located instead on the opposite side.The new distribution reversed the sleeping area with the living area, radically changing the organization of space, making it necessary, however, to demolish all existing partitions. The new design included the creation of a large living room, where the kitchen with an island is located, highlighted by the change of flooring, and where the terrace is now in continuity with the convivial environment and is an extension of it. Two volumes clad in wood, contain within them the sleeping area and the servant spaces of the house, which are accessed from the living room through boiserie doors to a design. The master bedroom has a walk-in closet and recalls the materials of the living room, where stained oak was chosen to contrast with lacquered wood for the custom parts.

Photography courtesy of La Leta Architettura

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