Discover Casa Scott, a meticulously restored treasure situated in Mérida, Mexico’s cultural heart. Expertly crafted by Park Estudio, this traditional house seamlessly blends time-honored aesthetics with minimalist elegance. Optimized for natural lighting and ventilation, its revamped single-level layout radiates tranquility and ease.

Experience a unique indoor-outdoor synergy that transforms this dwelling into a serene oasis, a testament to Mérida’s rich architectural heritage and lush tropical ambiance.

About Casa Scott

The Timeless Charm of Casa Scott

Casa Scott, a historic jewel nestled in Merida, Yucatan, recently underwent a purposeful renovation. This restoration aimed to preserve its rich history and unique character.

Optimizing Space and Light

Interior changes were delicately managed to heighten natural light and airflow. The heart of the home—the living room, kitchen, and dining room—boasted significant potential. These spaces now showcase their inherent beauty thanks to an open connection with a large window. This expansive portal frames a charming view of the terrace, cultivating a relaxed and cozy ambiance.

Functional and Family-Friendly Design

Redesigned for optimum functionality, Casa Scott perfectly caters to the needs of the family that calls it home. Now developed on a single, accessible level, the house hosts two well-planned bedrooms. The master suite peers out towards the street, boasting a cozy reading nook that blurs the line between inside and out. The guest room, favoring a seamless indoor-outdoor experience, connects directly to the terrace, lending an open and spacious feel.

A Harmony of Inside and Outside

Casa Scott truly blossoms as an urban oasis due to its harmonious indoor-outdoor connection. The pool, acting as a natural temperature regulator, combines with gentle breezes to moderate the home’s climate, even on the hottest days. The selection of textures, color palette, and vegetation contribute to a soothing and refreshing atmosphere.

The Heart of the Home: A Minimalist Kitchen

The minimalist-style kitchen forms the nucleus of the house, linking the living and dining rooms to the terrace. This strategic design creates a warm and welcoming environment for the home’s residents.

Photography courtesy of Park Estudio

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