Discover the harmonious blend of urban sophistication and natural tranquility at Casa San Ángel, the latest marvel from Miguel Concha Arquitectura in Querétaro City, Mexico. This house redefines modern living with a layout that honors both functional design and the serene beauty of its locale.

Respecting the legacy of its towering trees and embracing the region’s balmy climate, Casa San Ángel emerges as a beacon of light and airiness. Here, green mosaic floors lead to a central courtyard that becomes the heart of the home, infusing every room with natural light and fresh air. Striking a balance between minimalist concrete and vibrant flora, the residence offers an unbroken flow of space that changes with the sliding of a window, connecting the indoors with the azure expanse above.

About Casa San Ángel

Welcome to Casa San Ángel: Where City Meets Serenity

Casa San Ángel stands proudly in Queretaro, Mexico, with a design as simple as it is striking. Surrounded by the city’s energy, the house preserves a sense of peace, sharing its space with ancient trees and the prominent black sapodilla, all against a respected landscape.

Indoor Comfort Meets Outdoor Charm

The heart of the house is its seamless connection to the patio. This smart design promotes an open yet practical space. Furthermore, the central position of the home invites sunlight into every room, thanks to the open courtyard.

Green Paths and Blue Skies

Inside, a green mosaic guides you to the central outdoor space. Large sliding windows blend the inside with the patio, unifying living areas in a naturally flowing space. These open windows also take advantage of Queretaro’s pleasant weather.

Colors extend beyond the walls, where blue paints meet the sky. The clean look of concrete pairs with the ordered lines of clay tiles. This simplicity is playfully interrupted by colorful plants and decor.

A Home with a Heartbeat

Pets Colado, Trazo, and Mai lounge in their favorite gray armchair, at home among the sounds and movements of the house. Life buzzes through, from the neighbor’s cats to the footsteps on the stairs. Every corridor and terrace, from the study to the library, connects, wrapping around the home in a full circle.

Photography courtesy of Miguel Concha Arquitectura

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