Casa Relámpago Bar in San Pedro Cholula, Mexico, represents a harmonious blend of modern design and historical context. Created by Estudio Tecalli in 2023, this bar, near the Great Pyramid of Cholula, showcases urban brick style amidst the rich cultural setting. Its location offers views of the “Los Remedios” church, while the design features local red bricks, vaulted ceilings, and elements like polished concrete floors with golden aluminum accents.

Casa Relámpago epitomizes the architectural legacy of the Puebla Valley, blending tradition with modernity through unique design elements.

Modern brick building with large entrance and palm trees.
Modern café interior with spiral staircase and upper seating area.
Modern bar interior with wooden accents and exposed concrete ceiling.
Modern bar interior with exposed concrete ceiling and brick walls, featuring wooden stools and countert
Modern café interior with brick walls, spiral staircase, and wooden stools.
Modern interior with spiral staircase, exposed brick, and large windows.
Modern interior with brick walls, bench seating, plants, and artwork.
Modern bathroom with exposed brick walls and wooden vanity.
Modern room with arched brick ceiling, large window, and minimalist furniture.
Curved building facade with tile work and rooftop garden with cacti.
Modern brick building with arched roof and palm trees at twilight.

About Casa Relámpago

Casa Relámpago: A Modern Marvel in Ancient Cholula

“Casa Relámpago” Bar stands proudly in San Pedro Cholula, Mexico, mere meters (yards) from the Great Pyramid of Cholula. This archaeological wonder significantly influences the area’s urban and aesthetic appeal. Strategically located, the bar marks the start of a vibrant zone combining tourism, nightlife, and the historic essence of the city.

Design and Aesthetics

Occupying an irregularly shaped lot at a bustling corner, “Casa Relámpago” boasts stunning views of the “Los Remedios” Catholic Church. This iconic landmark dominates the landscape for miles in the Puebla Valley. The design concept hinges on three powerful principles. Firstly, regional red bricks shape both the interior and exterior, defining the construction and structure. Secondly, a striking vault extends over the bar, creating varied spatial heights. Finally, the décor features unique elements. These include polished concrete floors, framed in golden aluminum, central concrete slabs, and contrasting natural wood furniture.

Challenges and Innovations

The primary design challenge involved geometrically juxtaposing a rectangular base with an overarching vault. This unique structure frames the view towards the pyramid. Additionally, the façade incorporates inverted slopes in windows and doors. These design choices optimize sunlight exposure, blocking harsh rays in warmer months while welcoming them in colder periods. This not only conserves energy but also showcases the local craftsmanship of Cholula.

For window treatments, the design team chose black checkered ironwork, adding a touch of elegance. Oak wood embellishes the staircase and main bar, harmonizing with chairs and tables. In essence, “Casa Relámpago” Bar stands as a testament to the blend of modern and ancient, celebrating both the city’s history and Mexico’s rich architectural legacy.

Photography by Amy Bello

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