Discover the vibrant Casa Nido in Madrid, Spain, where Yeyé Estudio‘s modernist design breathes life into an apartment through bold colors, local crafts, and sustainable materials. Emphasizing Spain’s rich heritage, this 2023 project blends navy blue, aqua green, and burgundy with artisanal touches and eco-friendly practices, creating a space that’s both uniquely Spanish and universally appealing.

Modern interior with patterned floor, blue chair, and wood-panelled kitchen area
Modern kitchen with herringbone floor, patterned tiles, and burgundy island
Modern kitchen with patterned floor, wooden cabinetry, and burgundy accents.
Modern kitchen corner with geometric-patterned floor, marble-top table, and red accents
Modern room with a yellow door and a wall niche displaying white vases on red
Modern bedroom with mirrored wardrobe reflecting the bed and herringbone floor.
Modern bathroom nook with arched mirror, navy blue tiles, and patterned
A minimalist bathroom with green tiled walls, patterned floor, and modern fixtures.

About Casa Nido

From the outset, our clients made their vision clear: they yearned for a home that unmistakably captures the essence of Spain. Their affinity for vibrant colors, unique materials, and local craftsmanship guided our material selection, setting the stage for a home drenched in bold hues.

Designing with Color

We immediately embraced navy blue for the master bedroom’s headboard and the adjoining suite bathroom, infusing the spaces with depth and tranquility. Meanwhile, a softer aqua green brightens the second bathroom, enhancing its openness and light. The living room’s burgundy tiling introduces a dramatic flair, creating inviting niches and shelves. The kitchen echoes this palette, featuring oak wood with golden accents, a Rosso Lepanto marble countertop, and a matching island, all complemented by a tri-color hydraulic tile design.

Embracing Local Craftsmanship and Sustainability

In our commitment to sustainability and local craftsmanship, we revitalized the original checkerboard flooring of pine and oak. Valencia and Madrid proudly contribute the tiling and hydraulic tiles, underscoring our dedication to Spanish artisanal resources and eco-friendly practices.

Illuminating Spaces

Yellow walls and ceilings, paired with matching glass doors, flood the hallway with light, making it appear more inviting. This choice not only brightens but also visually contracts the space, adding a warm, welcoming touch.

Practical Elegance

Functionality remains paramount throughout the home. We equipped every room with floor-to-ceiling storage, cleverly concealed behind mirrored or color-coordinated sliding doors, blending practicality with aesthetic appeal seamlessly.

This transformation showcases our holistic approach to design, where every choice reflects a harmonious balance between beauty, practicality, and environmental consciousness.

Photography by Paula Mena

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