Discover the modern elegance of Casa Navy, a stunning apartment designed by Studio Gamp! in the heart of Rome, Italy.

This innovative design focuses on unifying the living area with the kitchen while creating a more intimate and isolated sleeping area. The transformation breathes new life into the space, showcasing a dark blue chromatic element that enhances the brightness of the living room.

About Casa Navy

Creating a Unified Living Space

The design intervention began with the functional need to connect the living area to the kitchen and create a more intimate, isolated sleeping area. We “disassembled” the original apartment layout, which consisted of individual rooms served by a long, lightless corridor, to give rise to a different way of experiencing living spaces.

Introducing the Colorful Volume

As a result of this transformation, we configured a colorful volume that alternates full parts, such as the central box containing a bathroom, with voids that serve as connections to the apartment’s entrance, studio, and kitchen. This element acts as a pivot around which all the rooms of the house revolve, and its dark blue chromatic connotation enhances the brightness of the living room.

Photography by Paolo Fusco

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