Embark on a journey through Casa Mquadro, where traditional Salento architecture meets innovative design. In Casarano, Italy, a town celebrated for its cultural heritage, Velz: Architetti has transformed a classic home into a beacon of contemporary living.

This 2023 redesign breathes new life into classic spaces, integrating an open-plan living area with natural light enhancements and local materials. Delve into an abode where bold colors, reflective surfaces, and strategic use of space redefine modern elegance in a historic setting.

About Casa Mquadro

Simple Elegance for a Dream Home

A young dreamer chose Velz: Architetti to create her perfect home—a cozy nest for her growing family. The remodel of Casa Mquadro introduced beautiful star-shaped ceilings and a fresh, modern design.

A Fresh Start for Casa Mquadro

In Casarano, nestled among 1950s homes, Casa Mquadro stood with its two rooms and a small garden.

Originally, the house had two special ceilings, flat-roofed rooms, a tiny entrance, and a courtyard with a staircase leading upstairs. A separate cellar had its own street access.

The old house layout was tricky, with rooms in a row and not much daylight.

We took down the flat-roofed rooms and entrance, building up from the old kitchen to make the new upstairs bedrooms.

We tore down a wall to open up a living and kitchen space of about 430 square feet (40 square meters). Where the old entrance was, now stands a new bathroom and a welcoming entry with an eye-catching ceiling.

Stepping into Comfort

The entrance is cozy, with a ceiling that draws eyes up and leads you into a spacious living room.

A former room with a plain ceiling is now an open patio, brightened by a big glass window from the living room. This smart move brings in more light and fresh air.

The kitchen and dining spot face a handy courtyard, perfect for laundry, which you can also get to from outside.

Flowing Space and Smart Design

A wide arch connects the living area to the stairs. These lead to two bedrooms—one downstairs and a master bedroom upstairs with its own bath and a tiny garden right above the downstairs bathroom.

The old patterned floors were swapped out for something new. We chose graniglia, a traditional local material, for its shine and how it ties rooms together.

The ceiling with two points in the living room stands out, making a statement.

The kitchen hides appliances behind green cabinets, with a cooking area set into a durable countertop that continues up the wall, showing off its smooth pattern.

Colorful and Clever Bathrooms

The bathrooms are bold, with each one dressed in a single color, lightened by different tones.

We made sure no space was wasted—the stairs hide shelves for extra storage, and the main bedroom has a closet and hidden space for storage behind a clever disguise.

The house shines with vibrant colors and brave designs. Curtains, furniture, and finishes all come together in a look that’s stylish, unique, and warm.

Photography by @40Mirrors

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