Casa LMC is a three-story house located in the Italian city of Bergamo that underwent a contemporary redesign in 2022 by the designer Leonardo Togni. With protruding window frames and a special location within the Valle d’Astino, a protected ecosystem of the Colli, the house looks out to the panoramic view of the Bergamo plain.


Located in the lower city of Bergamo, this three store house sits at the base of the breathtaking Valle d’Astino, an area protected by laws designed to preserve the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape. From this peaceful valley, you can take a scenic road through Borgo Canale and up to the historic Città Alta, where you’ll be treated to breathtaking views of the Bergamo plain to the south.

The renovation project for this property involved carefully tearing down and rebuilding while maintaining the existing structure and exterior appearance. Every effort was made to respect the unique character of this special location while still modernizing and improving the home.

Photography courtesy of Leonardo Togni

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