Discover Casa La Teja, a two-story, single-family home that blends the traditional charm of Albacete’s countryside with the sleek lines of contemporary design. Designed by Studio Metamorphosis in the quaint town of Pozo-Cañada, Spain, this residence echoes the iconic style of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robie House with its horizontal planes and reinterpretation of the dark tiled roof.

Beyond its aesthetic allure, Casa La Teja prioritizes energy efficiency, mirroring the standards of a Passive House. It’s a seamless marriage of rustic materials, modern touches, and sustainable living—a haven of elegance and warmth that fully embraces the natural light and outdoor scenery of its picturesque surroundings.

About Casa La Teja

A Homage to Heritage and Modernity

Casa La Teja stands out as a two-story, single-family home, boasting a lush garden and a pool near Pozo Cañada, Albacete. Inspired by the famed Robie House by Frank Lloyd Wright, it seamlessly integrates horizontal planes on the upper level with a slanted, dark-tiled roof, merging the essence of traditional Manchego architecture with a contemporary twist.

The Heartbeat of Design

Furthermore, the home is divided into two functional levels: living spaces on the ground floor and private quarters above. Significantly, a central double-height space emerges as the project’s vibrant core. Here, a grand fireplace and the main living area intertwine, fostering a warm and refined atmosphere for visitors. Moreover, the ground floor’s “L” configuration smartly envelops the pool and strategically positions the main entrance to delineate two distinct zones: on one side, the living room, dining area, kitchen, and games room unfold; on the other, a study and auxiliary bedroom offer seclusion and functionality.

Blending Light with Material

Additionally, Casa La Teja’s design excels in harnessing natural light. Isolated from boundary walls, the residence allows sunlight to pour in through expansive windows that frame the scenic garden and pool, creating a fluid and exceptional indoor-outdoor connection.

Moreover, the materials used in construction reflect a dedication to both heritage and progress. Skillfully, crafted stone and wood blend with sleek black tiles and anthracite-tinted windows, forging a perfect balance between rustic charm and modern sophistication.

Finally, prioritizing energy efficiency, the home adheres to Passive House standards, featuring comprehensive insulation, renewable energy systems, high-performance joinery, and a heat recovery ventilator. Consequently, Casa La Teja harmonizes tradition, modernity, and sustainability, providing a welcoming and eco-friendly abode.

Photography by David Zarzoso

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