Step inside Casa GVS, an elegant and timeless apartment nestled in the heart of Turin, Italy. Designed in 2022 by Format Home, this historic top-floor dwelling marries classic and modern design, creating a unique haven for its residents.

Expect to be captivated by clean lines, rich dark hues, and dazzling metallic details that bring an unmatched sophistication to every room.

About Casa GVS

A Classic Elegance: The Seamless Blend of Dark Tones and Metallics

By incorporating dark hues, metallic finishes, and brass accents, we’ve crafted an elegant and timeless space. The Home Lifting® makeover of this sun-drenched top-floor apartment, nestled in a historic Turin building, focused on the living room and kitchen. This meticulous redesign delivered a unique, sophisticated environment for the young couple.

Marrying Classic and Modern Styles: Respecting the Client’s Vision

From the meticulous sanding of the original parquet floor to the meticulous assessment and modification of the electrical and plumbing systems, every aspect received our utmost attention. We tailored each element to align with the clients’ needs, honoring their love for a style that seamlessly blends classic and modern elements.

The Heart of the Home: Cesar Maxima 2.2 Kitchen

The Cesar Maxima 2.2 kitchen, characterized by its clean, fundamental lines, showcases a linear work area and an island with a wooden snack top. The kitchen transitions to the living and dining spaces with the help of a large sliding door. Adorned with Fornasetti-style wallpaper, this door both unites and partitions the two areas as needed.

Creating Harmonious Living Spaces: High-End Furniture Selections

The living area, featuring a Ditre sofa, Lago console table, and Riflessi chairs and dining table, strikes a harmonious balance. These carefully chosen pieces make the design project recognizable and inviting.

A Visionary Homelifting® Project: Balancing Functionality and Aesthetics

Our bold and visionary HomeLifting® project places a firm emphasis on practicality, crafting a space that sparks emotion.

Photography by Angelica d’Ettorre

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