Discover the charm of Casa GR, a masterpiece by in Milan, Italy. This apartment transformation within a historic early 20th-century building marries the original architectural beauty with modern design. meticulously blended vintage charm with contemporary flair, from preserved parquet floors to innovative room connections.

Experience the warmth of a home where every detail, from the vibrant brick passages to the elegant mix of furnishings, tells a story of refined taste and functionality.

Modern hallway with bookshelves leading to a colorful dining area.
Sleek kitchen with terrazzo floor and two-tone cabinets
Modern kitchen with white cabinets, stainless steel backsplash, and dark countertop.
Contemporary living room with geometric ceiling and soft color palette.
Colorful bathroom with blue tiles, yellow walls, and retro fixtures.
Modern bathroom with blue tiles, yellow walls, and a terrazzo floor.
A room with a distinctive fern-patterned orange wallpaper and an open doorway.
Bathroom with vibrant orange palm wallpaper, pedestal sink, and round mirror.
Contemporary bathroom with patterned wallpaper and built-in shelves.

About Casa GR

Reviving Historical Charm

A captivating early 20th-century building once held a spacious apartment with uniquely proportioned rooms. Architects took on the challenge, carefully connecting rooms and repurposing spaces. They skillfully blended old furnishings and finishes with new textures and materials, enhancing every corner.

Creating Connections

The transformation began with the entrance, transforming it into a cozy home library. Meanwhile, kitchen walls opened up to the corridor and living room, fostering open, airy connections. Central to family life, a wooden structure now elegantly frames these new passageways, seamlessly uniting the spaces.

A Palette of Textures and Colors

Next, designers introduced a striking brick hue to denote transitional areas, ensuring privacy with a pivot door for the bedrooms. In the living area, they paired reclaimed parquet with sleek gray terrazzo (terrazzo floors), striking a balance between old and new. The bedrooms and bathrooms contrast with floral wallpapers and chic black terrazzo floors, respectively.

Blending Vintage and Modern

Finally, a curated mix of vintage and contemporary lamps and furniture infused the apartment with warmth. This careful selection created an ambiance that is both authentic and sophisticated, inviting residents and guests into a space that feels like home, yet is steeped in history and elegance.

Photography by Giulia Costa


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