Casa G.A.P. is an inspiring apartment located in Palermo, Italy, redesigned in 2021 by Stefano Sanfilippo.


Renovation of real estate unit located in Palermo.

The intervention involved the entire renovation of a property, in which a living area, consisting of a living room with dining table, an independent kitchen with attached laundry/closet, and a guest bathroom were created.

Properly separated instead is the sleeping area, which consists of a guest bedroom and the master bedroom with private bathroom and walk-in closet.

The color choices the finishes and materials leaned toward calm, neutral hues that would serve as the background for contrasting elements such as the wallpapered wall and the custom-designed cabinet/closet.

The cabinet/closet is the pivotal element of the living area, which, thanks to the compression given by the lowered ceiling, determines an invitation to move forward to discover the independent kitchen and guest bathroom.

The frame element, integrated into the cabinet/cabinet, ensures the partial darkening of the sleeping area upon entering the house, and allows the incorporation of a pillar.

The living area and the whole house is characterized by honey-brushed oak parquet flooring, providing a fresh and welcoming feeling, to contrast sharply with the forest green floral wallpaper that hides a built-in closet carved out of an alcove.

The guest bathroom features a light earthy color scheme, with a leaf-inspired mosaic to match the wall and floor tiles.

The master bedroom appears calm and monochromatic, featuring three plaster frames that design a paneling that determines the spaces occupied by two pendants at the bedside tables and bed.

Finally, the petrol blue ensuite bathroom ties in with the cream flooring, which is matched by a textured shower tray and matching basin.

The mood of the project was inspired by the island theme, cool, calm colors and localized contrasts giving character to certain functional and furnishing elements.

Photography courtesy of Stefano Sanfilippo

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