Immerse yourself in the historical charm of Casa Encanto, a carefully restored casona from the early 20th century, nestled in the heart of Merida, Mexico, a stone’s throw away from the iconic Paseo Montejo. The award-winning Binomio Taller has woven Puerto Rican magic into the fabric of this Mexican architectural treasure, marrying historical authenticity with modern reinterpretation.

The revitalized house maintains its original character, enriched by the artisanal touch of local materials from the Yucatan region, honoring the past while embracing the present. A courtyard oasis thrives at its heart, harmonizing interior and exterior, while strategic design allows the historic features to take center stage, narrating a rich, colorful tale of heritage and culture.

About Casa Encanto

Reviving History with Casa Encanto

Nestled within mere meters from Mérida’s iconic Paseo Montejo, Casa Encanto revitalizes a century-old “casona”. This restoration project breathes new life into the historical construction, reaffirming the residential heritage of Mérida’s Historic Center.

The Enchanted Tale behind the Name

Inspired by the owner’s homeland, Puerto Rico – the Enchanted Island, the project received its name, Casa Encanto. It’s a fitting tribute, encapsulating the magic and charm intrinsic to both the restored mansion and Puerto Rican culture.

Authenticity and Character at the Core

The central idea is creating a space that honors the mansion’s original architectural elements, thus maintaining its historical essence. By doing so, Casa Encanto allows its dwellers to feel its unique character and understand its captivating history.

Harmony between the Past and Present

Decision was taken to remove all later additions, reverting the mansion back to its pristine historic state. The new construction seamlessly incorporates within the original structure, creating a respectful dialogue between history and contemporary design.

The Heart of Casa Encanto: The Central Courtyard

The courtyard, now the heart of Casa Encanto, serves as a nexus for various spaces and activities. It’s a meeting place, a retreat into nature, and a hub of visual and sensory pleasure.

Traditional Materials, Authentic Design

Materials sourced from the Yucatan region, including pasta floors, tropical wood, and traditional chukum, lend Casa Encanto its distinctive identity. These locally sourced materials enhance the project’s regional connection while ensuring durability.

Preserving Charm amid Construction Challenges

The project faced unique hurdles, including space limitations and the requirement to preserve original details. Traditional construction techniques and meticulous craftsmanship preserved the mansion’s historical integrity, showcasing the painstaking dedication to retain its charm.

Honoring History through Design

An ancient cistern was preserved, serving as a tangible link to the past in the modern context of Casa Encanto. It creates a visual tension with the spiraling staircase, drawing attention to the harmonious coexistence of old and new.

Blurring Boundaries for a Seamless Experience

The design aims to create a fluid relationship between the interior and exterior. It allows the house to organically blend with its surroundings, optimizing views and natural ventilation.

Incorporating the Natural Landscape

Endemic flora plays a crucial role in the design, creating a green, fresh, and harmonious atmosphere. Native plants decorate patios, terraces, and interiors, highlighting the rich biodiversity of the region.

Interior Design: A Canvas of Neutrality

The interior design of Casa Encanto uses neutral tones to allow the architectural elements to shine. Strategic pops of color reinterpret the rich Yucatecan culture in a modern setting, echoing in textiles, artworks, and decorative details.

Photography by Tamara Uribe

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