Discover the stunning Casa de Mar, a remarkable modern house situated in the tranquil heart of Mérida, Mexico. Conceived by the ingenious minds at Binomio Taller, this 2023 architectural masterpiece harmoniously merges interior and exterior spaces.

Drawing inspiration from the natural tranquility of its surroundings, the design boasts of symbiotic living, breathes life through natural ventilation, and dazzles with an inviting pool. The result? A captivating residential experience that beautifully combines privacy, comfort, and the rich aesthetic of Yucatán’s local materials.

About Casa de Mar

Introduction to the Casa de Mar: A Tranquil Haven in Yucatán

Nestled in the northern region of Mérida, Yucatán, Casa de Mar is a distinguished single-family abode.

An Architectural Symphony with Nature

At the core of this architectural marvel is the symbiotic relationship with the surrounding environment. It embraces an integrated approach to create tranquil spaces, enabling one to enjoy the serene gardens. Further, it leverages natural ventilation and lighting, enhancing the dwellers’ comfort. Ultimately, the design effortlessly fuses interior and exterior spaces, promising an architectural experience harmoniously attuned to nature.

The Refreshing Heart of Casa de Mar

Central to the house is a pool around which the structure is horseshoe-shaped. This pool isn’t just a design element—it serves to generate a cool breeze via water evaporation. As a result, it provides a natural air conditioning effect, maintaining a pleasant atmosphere and reducing reliance on conventional cooling systems.

Zoning: A Balanced Dichotomy

The architectural layout of Casa de Mar is neatly divided into two distinct areas: a social zone and a private family enclave. Individual access points are devised for both, ensuring optimal privacy and comfort for residents. The social area entertains guests along a landscaped path, culminating in an outdoor foyer graced by a Yucatan orchid tree that ascends through the ceiling. Conversely, the private space is a sanctuary for rest and familial bonding.

Utilizing Yucatán’s Richness: A Focus on Finishes

The finishing touches of Casa de Mar draw inspiration from Yucatán’s abundant natural resources. Notably, locally sourced stone, wood, and other natural materials are highlighted. Their selection was based on aesthetics, durability, resistance, and low maintenance needs. The intention was to promote seamless integration with the environment and local context, thereby fostering regional identity and minimizing visual intrusion.

Interior Design: Fostering Serenity and Comfort

The interior design exudes serenity, fostering relaxation and well-being for the inhabitants. The color palette reflects hues found in nature, with green serving as a calming neutral. By utilizing natural finishes, soft textures, and diffused lighting, the design creates cozy spaces ideal for rest and contemplation.

Photography by Tamara Uribe

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