Explore Casa de Bouro, Daniel Duarte‘s 2022 design marvel in Portugal, blending architecture with nature. This concrete house features a two-floor layout with a unique lower-level garage and technical spaces. The upper floor boasts living spaces, including four suites. The design emphasizes privacy using the natural terrain, leading to a central patio that merges resistance with elegance. A standout feature is the striking swimming pool, seamlessly connecting indoor and outdoor spaces.

Modern hillside home with large glass facade and terraced garden.
Modern curved house with large windows and a green roof garden.
Modern curved house with large windows and an infinity pool.
Modern building with cantilevered design and vertical wooden slats.
Modern living room with large windows, minimalist furniture, and a person relaxing on a
Modern living room with minimalist decor and a person lounging on the sofa.
Modern living room with large windows, wooden floors, and minimalist furniture.
Modern minimalist interior with large windows overlooking nature.
Modern dining room with wooden table, designer chairs, and an artistic chandelier.
Modern bedroom with large windows overlooking nature, and a person standing by the view.
Modern bedroom with large window and person looking outside.
Minimalist bedroom with neutral tones and simple decor.
Modern infinity pool with loungers overlooking hills.
Modern curved building with large glass windows and a person standing inside.
Modern hillside house with infinity pool and forest view.
Modern hillside house with green roof and extensive glass facades.
Modern cantilevered house with wooden slats over a concrete base in a

About Casa de Bouro

A Nature-Inspired Design

“A hug to nature” drove this project’s concept. The design starts with a simple, rectangular volume, skillfully reshaped to embrace a south-facing patio.

Efficient Use of Space

The house spans two floors. The basement houses the garage and technical areas, while the upper floor hosts social and private spaces. The entrance hall, four suites (one with a walk-in closet), kitchen, and living room flow seamlessly into each other. Additionally, the social area includes a service toilet and pantry.

A Pathway to Privacy

Centered access leads to an enigmatic outdoor path, leveraging the northern slope for privacy. This approach not only funnels visuals towards the entrance but also sparks curiosity about the interior. Inside, the patio and a granary connect directly, serving as a hub for the house’s layout.

Blending Durability and Elegance

The house’s design, in harmony with nature, features durable exposed concrete and traditional nailed wooden formwork. Contrasting this, golden metal elements add a touch of refinement and luxury.

Integrating the Swimming Pool

To preserve the land’s natural contours, the swimming pool becomes an integral part of the structure. The first floor’s slab rotates southwest, creating a fluid connection between the living room and the outdoor area. The pool’s suspended design introduces visual tension and a tranquil waterfall sound, adding a unique auditory element to the space.

Photography by Ivo Tavares Studio

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