Discover Casa CR, a Milan-based apartment redesigned by Kick.Office in 2020. This early twentieth-century space features a blend of history and modernity, showcasing a careful rearrangement that maximizes natural light and combines classic architectural elements with contemporary design touches, creating a dynamic living environment in the heart of Italy.

Modern living room with sofa, bookshelves, and decorative plants.
Contemporary living room with bookshelves and yellow armchair.
Contemporary living room with a wall-mounted bookshelf and large windows.
Contemporary kitchen with dining area, patterned floor, and pendant lighting.

Small bathroom with white sink, circular mirror, and tiled walls.
Modern interior with grey sofa, wooden closet, and blue flooring.
Contemporary bedroom with patterned wall and blue bedspread.

About Casa CR

Revitalizing Milanese Charm in Casa CR

Casa CR, nestled in the heart of Milan, Italy, showcases a masterful blend of historical elegance and contemporary innovation. Within a building from the early twentieth century, Kick.Office undertook the task of revitalizing a quaint apartment to meet the demands of modern living while retaining the soul of its heritage. The redesign, completed in 2020, strategically overturns the traditional layout, reimagining the living and kitchen areas as a continuous, bright space, courtesy of three courtyard-facing windows.

A Balanced Blend of Old and New

The apartment’s historic elements, such as its parquet flooring, checkered cement tiles, an ancient fireplace, and traditional double-leaf doors, establish a dialogue with its past. Yet, it’s the introduction of a dark green resin floor that unifies these rooms with a striking, monochromatic effect, seamlessly bridging the gap between the apartment’s original charm and a more minimalist, modern aesthetic. This thoughtfully chosen palette serves not only as a testament to the apartment’s lineage but also as a foundation for contemporary living.

Custom Craftsmanship Meets Vibrant Textures

Enhancing the space further, Kick.Office incorporated custom-made furnishings, selecting materials that speak to both functionality and style. Wallpaper and Vienna straw coverings introduce vibrant textures, personalizing each room while paying homage to the apartment’s Milanese context. This careful curation of materials and finishes culminates in a living space that is both familiar and fresh, offering a tranquil yet spirited sanctuary in the bustling city of Milan.

Through Casa CR, Kick.Office demonstrates how spaces can encapsulate the essence of their origins while embracing the principles of modern design, creating a timeless residence that celebrates Milan’s architectural diversity.

Photography by Giulia Costa
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