Casa Cemagi, designed by Balitecture in Bali, Indonesia, is a 2024 architectural wonder combining Mediterranean flair with modern tropical grace. Nestled in Cemagi’s tranquil setting, this villa is a fusion of luxury and sophistication.

Its open-floor plan, featuring expansive glass doors, harmonizes indoor and outdoor living. Every element, from the Palimanan stone walls to the teak wood ceilings, reflects a commitment to elegance and durability, making it a serene sanctuary amidst lush landscapes.

About Casa Cemagi

Casa Cemagi: A Fusion of Style and Serenity

Casa Cemagi, nestled in Cemagi’s tranquil surroundings, showcases exquisite architectural design and luxurious living. It features a land area of 99 sqm (1065.63 sq. ft) and a built area of 168 sqm (1808.34 sq. ft), blending sleek Mediterranean and modern tropical styles for a captivating aesthetic.

Inside Casa Cemagi: Elegance and Harmony

Upon entering, a pristine white palette sets a soothing, earthy tone. The open-floor plan seamlessly unites the living, dining, and kitchen areas, fostering unity and spaciousness. Expansive glass doors blur the line between inside and outside, enhancing the airy living experience.

Each of the three bedrooms serves as a comfort sanctuary, designed to complement the villa’s aesthetic. They feature clean hues and natural décor, with smooth edges and iconic arches adding modern, minimalist touches.

At the heart of the house, the living area radiates refined elegance. It boasts a cozy, Bali-style sunken sofa, inviting relaxation and redefining luxury. Lush greenery envelops this space, connecting it effortlessly with the tropical outdoors.

Outdoor Bliss: The Rooftop Experience

The modern tropical rooftop provides a vibrant escape. This space, brimming with life, captures the tropics’ essence. Wooden sunbeds and sunken sofas amidst greenery create a leisurely, inviting atmosphere, offering panoramic views.

The villa’s exterior and interior form a visual symphony. Aesthetically pleasing arched walls, Palimanan stone feature walls, teak wood ceiling panels, and sandstone deck pavers reflect meticulous attention to detail. The terrazzo pool adds luxury, functionality, and lasting impressions.

In every corner of Casa Cemagi, attention to detail shines. Every material, chosen for both aesthetic appeal and durability, contributes to the villa’s harmonious blend of architectural brilliance and design sophistication. This haven of luxury, set amidst Cemagi’s relaxed atmosphere, unspoiled beaches, and vast green rice fields, truly stands out.

Photography courtesy of Balitecture

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