Discover Casa Camelia: a weekend haven of tranquility and modernity, designed in 2023 by Romero de la Mora in Tepeji del Río de Ocampo, Mexico. This home, a testament to sustainable architecture, invites nature inside with its open design and panoramic views. Here, every space harmonizes with its environment, offering a secluded yet connected escape.

About Casa Camelia

Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Living

Casa Camelia redefines the weekend house, designed to integrate every essential aspect of recreational space. Its unique architecture opens up to the four corners of the world, inviting in light and air, essential for enjoying the vistas of the adjacent golf course and lush greenery. The house’s finishes utilize sustainable, low-maintenance materials from local sources, featuring neutral colors and natural textures that promote peaceful living.

Private and Communal Harmony

The layout supports both secluded and social experiences, boasting private terraces with a pool that ensure a personal retreat. Meanwhile, the more open landscaped terraces invite engagement with the environment, highlighted by double-height spaces and patios that offer natural light and ventilation. Wood plays a key role, adding scale, warmth, and superior acoustics, blurring the lines between inside and out, and uniting the spaces.

Casa Camelia’s thoughtful orientation means large windows can stay open year-round, maintaining a cozy atmosphere and fostering a sense of serenity rarely found in urban settings. This weekend home stands as a testament to tranquility and modern design, nestled away from the city’s hustle.

Photography courtesy of Romero de la Mora

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