Step into the serene world of Casa Buscastell, a masterpiece by Ibiza Interiors in Ibiza Town, Spain. This 2021-designed house beautifully marries Mediterranean rustic charm with contemporary flair, offering a unique living experience.

Be captivated by the perfect balance of traditional elements and modern sophistication in this sun-drenched Ibizan haven.

Traditional white-washed Mediterranean-style house with wooden accents.
White traditional Mediterranean-style house with stone steps under a clear blue sky.
Rustic interior with adobe walls, wooden beams, cushioned steps,
Modern kitchen with wooden cabinets and stone countertop.
Minimalist kitchen with a central island, exposed beams, and artwork.
Minimalist rustic dining room with a large wooden table and beamed ceiling.
Rustic dining room with wooden table, exposed beams, and large window.
Rustic interior with wooden elements, fur rug, and minimal decor.
Rustic bedroom with exposed beams and neutral tones.
Rustic bedroom with exposed wooden beams and earth-toned bedding.
Modern rustic shower with textured walls and wood ceiling.
Rustic room with exposed beams, open wooden doors, and minimal decor.
Rustic terrace with wooden beams and countryside view.
White Mediterranean-style terrace with exposed wooden beams and scenic view.

About Casa Buscastell

A Labor of Love: Casa Buscastell

The owner has recently completed Casa Buscastell, a project born from years of dedication. Draped in Mediterranean rustic charm, the main house boasts four bedrooms and bathrooms. It features a spacious, ultra-minimal kitchen with a double-height ceiling, all seamlessly connected to the landscaped gardens. Additionally, a small casita offers versatility as a 5th bedroom, office, or chill-out room.

Fusion of Rustic and Modern Design

Step into a world where Mediterranean rustic charm meets modern furniture’s sleek allure. This unique blend creates a space that is both traditional and contemporary. The design combines rustic warmth with the sophistication of modern lines, resulting in a harmonious and inviting atmosphere.

Natural raw materials are the focal point, embodying the Mediterranean spirit. Exposed wooden beams, weathered stone walls, and terracotta tiles form a rustic foundation. This foundation is enhanced by abundant natural light, creating an airy and inviting space.

The use of neutral tones, inspired by the Mediterranean palette, highlights the materials’ natural beauty. This choice provides a serene and timeless ambiance. The design echoes the earth, wind, and sea of the Mediterranean, crafting a space that is both rooted in nature and effortlessly modern.

A Delicate Balance: Rustic Meets Modern

The introduction of modern furniture brings a striking contrast. Clean lines, minimalistic profiles, and functional design stand against the rustic background. Built-in sofas, contemporary lighting, and organic-inspired pieces form a sophisticated juxtaposition. This delicate balance showcases the elegance of modern design on a rustic foundation.

Casa Buscastell’s living space narrates a tale of past and present. Here, the authenticity of Mediterranean rustic interiors coexists with modern design’s sophistication. This fusion invites occupants to experience comfort and contemporary elegance in a setting that feels both familiar and refreshingly new.

Photography by Fantastic Frank

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