Casa AP is a contemporary apartment located in Milan, Italy, redesigned in 2021 by DCEF Studio.


The design of House AP revolutionizes the original 1950s layout of the house in its entirety.

Structural and plumbing constraints were the matrix of the long central distribution corridor of the house, which became the central theme of the project. Custom-made furniture in American walnut wood essence becomes the protagonist of this room, alternating storage spaces with accesses to the bedrooms, marked by lacquered doorways. The furniture continues seamlessly into the living area as well, becoming the backdrop for the large Calacatta Monet marble dining table, made to design.

The long hallway ends in the master suite, accessed from the walk-through walk-in closet. The large size from the bathroom allowed the creation of the central volume of bathtub and double shower, clad in green quartzite from Brazil, which allows the separation of the sanitary area and washbasin.

The custom furniture design also characterizes the kitchen, which is essential in form and materials.

Photography by Simone Furiosi

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