Capital – Xiyue Spring City Residence is a modern apartment located in Kunming, Yunnan, designed in 2022 by Long Sky Creation.


The seven stars of Yao Guang are reflected in the eyes, because of the T-shaped structure, the entrance door opens, the breeze comes, there is a sense of freshness and relaxation of the peaks and valleys, the flying streams shake with the wind, only to see the soft blue a water.

The entrance is embellished with wood color, soft blue a water, in the “Chinese traditional color” mentioned this wood color, this color is the main health.

Zhuangzi – the master of health” wrote that the edge of the governor for the scriptures, can protect the body, can be the whole body, can raise relatives.

No gullies in the heart, dreaming of many fields, this color nourishes the body.

Study ebullience hidden in elegance, poetry hidden in leisure, outside the door of human smoke and fire, inside the door of style and elegance.

What makes a kitchen warm is not only the storage, function and value, but also the love of life.

Simple happiness is that someone asks you if your porridge is warm, someone to stand with you at dusk, suitable for its room home, the temperature of the kitchen is a bay of watery tenderness.

The backdrop is like onyx feathers slightly even the night bright, intermingled, sofa face if the glory of camps.

The clear sun Yao Ling, and the breeze tolerance and, leaving a familiar breath, fresh fragrance slowly permeate the tip of the nose.

The mountain snow, bright as the moon between the clouds. May we have a person with a heart, white head never leave each other.

This design is like a half stream of bright moon together with pillow breeze.

Photography by Wang Sichen

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