Tucked amidst the ancient rock formations and Phoenician tombs of Bhamdoun, Lebanon, the Cana Guesthouse stands as a testament to the time-honored architecture and the enduring allure of natural materials. Designed by Carl Gerges Architects in 2020, this guesthouse merges the stark, solid beauty of grey and yellow limestone with the warmth and intimacy of a rural lodge.

Its rooms offer a seamless transition from the rugged charm of the outdoors to the comforting embrace of modern, rustic interiors. Here, guests find a retreat that’s both a nod to the past and a luxurious stay that promises a sensorial journey through space and time, surrounded by a vineyard that adds to the guesthouse’s enchanting escape.

About Cana Guesthouse

Unveiling Cana Guesthouse

Cana Guesthouse emerges amongst Bhamdoun’s ancient rock, holding secrets of Phoenician tombs within Lebanon’s embrace. Meanwhile, resilient limestone, both gray and yellow, encapsulates the site, presenting a façade that defies time.

Where Sunlight and Stone Converge

As you enter, the sun’s rays eagerly reveal a cozy haven, with earthy walls framing a seamless transition to nature’s doorstep. Furthermore, this union of indoor comfort with the wild outdoors crafts an inviting retreat.

Embracing Rustic Elegance and Heritage

Centered in the living room, a modest fireplace commands attention under an artisanal ceiling, while eclectic furniture weaves a tapestry of cultural echoes. Moreover, the kitchen’s rustic charm and eucalyptus centerpiece beckon warm, intimate social moments.

Sensory Exploration at Cana

Strolling through, vibrant greenery and laurel green walls in the bedroom and bathroom offer an outdoor bathing sensation. Additionally, a mysterious tunnel leads to a wine cellar, where sensory delight merges with the cool whisper of ancient rocks.

Surrounding the stone retreat, a bountiful 80-acre (approximately 32 hectares) vineyard contrasts with the arid stone, where deep-rooted vines yield a complex wine. Cana Guesthouse stands as a monolithic sanctuary, not just a place to stay, but a profound experience, stirring contemplation under a celestial canopy.

Photography courtesy of Carl Gerges Architects

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