Explore By the Sea, a 2023 beach house masterpiece by Habitat Studio Architects, nestled on Currumbin Beach, Gold Coast, Australia. This home seamlessly fuses design with its coastal surroundings. Featuring a facade of white weatherboards and battens, it combines modern elegance with essential sun protection.

Furthermore, inspired by the coastal landscape, the materials add depth and resonate with the area’s natural beauty. Inside, the tranquil courtyard offers a serene retreat, while the east-facing design presents stunning sea views, ensuring each day starts with nature’s magnificent display.

About By the Sea

Embracing Coastal Harmony at Currumbin Beach

On the tranquil shores of Currumbin Beach, Gold Coast, our Beachfront Residential Architecture Project marries design with nature. This development stands as a testament to the beautiful synergy between architectural design and the coastal environment.

The homes boast a stunning façade with white weatherboards that capture the sun’s warmth. Additionally, white battens not only add a modern touch but also protect from the western sun.

Reflecting the Coastal Landscape

Drawing inspiration from the surrounding scenery, our materials palette features genuine stone elements. Consequently, these elements ground the architecture, adding depth and echoing the shoreline’s rugged charm.

A Tranquil Courtyard Retreat

Step into the serene mid internal courtyard, designed as a private sanctuary. Here, nature merges with architectural elements, creating a peaceful space where light highlights stone surfaces and plants sway gently.

Moreover, the home’s design thoughtfully embraces the easterly views, allowing residents to enjoy the sunrise. Each morning, the architecture frames a breathtaking natural spectacle, as the sea welcomes the new day.

Photography by Kristian Van der Beek

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