Brickyard, a remarkable house designed by dSPACE Studio, redefines luxury and sustainability in Chicago. This modern, eco-friendly home features an innovative perforated brick wall, offering privacy and natural light in perfect harmony. Equipped with state-of-the-art solar panels and a green roof, Brickyard stands as a testament to future-proof living in Chicago’s vibrant urban setting.

Modern two-story brick house with large trees and a fence.
Modern open-plan kitchen and living area with wooden floors and staircase.
Modern home interior with wooden stairs, glass railing, and an open-plan kitchen.
Modern dining room with long table, art pieces, and elegant lighting.
Modern living room with dark wood walls, plush sofa, and contemporary art.
Modern home office with glass walls, wooden floors, and a view of greenery
Modern bedroom with a neutral color palette, large bed, and pendant lights.
Modern bedroom corner with elegant bedside table, pendant lamp, and window with curtains.
Modern bathroom with herringbone floor tiles and glass shower.
Modern bathroom with marble countertop, large mirror, and tall windows.
Modern urban backyard with a sleek two-story house and landscaped garden.

About Brickyard

Architectural Vision Meets Midwestern Charm

A couple passionate about architecture inspired the design of this home. Transitioning from Manhattan, they sought a legacy home in the Midwest—a place to age gracefully and leave for their children. Their vision included open-plan living, seamlessly integrated indoor and outdoor spaces, a home gym, grandparent-friendly areas, and a family lounge boasting views of the Chicago skyline.

Innovative Design: The Perforated Brick Wall

The home’s standout feature, a perforated brick screen wall, ensures privacy while inviting natural light. We crafted a custom brick, tapered on one side, to cast mesmerizing shadows and create a dynamic facade. This wall’s midnight black texture, both luxurious and velvety, redefines brick’s traditional perception. It contrasts strikingly with the glass and exposed steel elements, embodying a modern industrial vibe.

Furthermore, we consciously scaled the structure to blend with the neighborhood, using materials that echo Chicago’s urban essence. The L-shaped footprint carves out a sanctuary in the city’s heart, surrounding a family-friendly yard.

Sustainable Living in the Urban Landscape

The house employs passive solar design, enhancing energy efficiency and fostering a connection with nature. Sustainability is a cornerstone of this design, featuring advanced solar panels, a green roof, and a Tesla Powerwall. These elements ensure the home is not only a luxurious dwelling but also a beacon of eco-friendly living in Chicago.

Photography courtesy of dSPACE Studio

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