Designed by Tabanlioglu Architects in 2020, the Bodrum Loft Hotel in Bodrum, Turkey, is a summer resort project that blends the man-made to the natural in an inspirational way.

Taking inspiration from the way neighboring old towns connect to the land and its surroundings, the design uses locally sourced materials and seeks low maintenance, weathering aesthetically. With reference to the nature of the region, the angles of sun and winds, the project frames a building that responds to the climate and is integrated with the nature to welcome the sun and the breeze in a controlled attitude.

About Bodrum Loft Hotel

Integrating the natural environment with architectural design, the summer resort project in Bodrum balances light and shadow, vibration and tranquility, and communal and private areas. Drawing inspiration from the connection of nearby old towns to the land and its surroundings, the design seeks to implement strategies and approaches to comprehend the ‘genius loci.’

Topography and Nature Shape Design

The topography, clad with Mediterranean foliage and pine trees, defines the design, while strong architectural intentions blend perfectly within the setting. Angles of sun, winds, greenery, and slopes of the terrain guide the land use of the program, which includes housing, hotel, private units, and social areas.

Responding and Reshaping the Terrain

The project, designed with modesty and respect for the existing nature, is supported by the use of local building materials. Stones excavated on the site are re-purposed in façades, pedestrian walkways, retaining walls, and structural elements. The texture and color of the concrete is a direct result of aggregate from the site, binding the buildings more to their backgrounds.

Responding to the Climate

A mixture of open, semi-open, and closed spaces is designed to welcome the sun and the breeze in a controlled attitude in the units, especially during hot summer days. Facilities on the shore are located on the rocks, touching but not harming them, and extending to the sea. The trees were documented, and the project is designed and revised accordingly. Rainwater is collected and utilized in the landscaping.

Local Materials Used

The materials used are locally sourced and utilized “Raw” including wood and reed, which provides a built environment that seeks low maintenance, weathering aesthetically. The project, embedded in its setting, is inspirational in how it blends to the landscape.

Photography by Cemal Emden

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