Discover the Boa Vista House, a stunning retreat located in Santo Antônio da Patrulha, Brazil. Designed by Gabriel Pozzobom in 2019, the house is a stunning example of brick and concrete architecture.

The project is situated on sloping north-facing land, with two intersected volumes that serve for private and social activities, and a single floor plan. Boa Vista House takes full advantage of its surroundings with large windows providing views of the hills and pond, and cross ventilation to cool the house in the Brazilian summer. Experience the perfect combination of nature and design in this unique retreat.

About Boa Vista House

The Boa Vista House: A Refined Refuge in the Brazilian Countryside

Raw materials like stone, wood, clay, and fair-faced concrete were used to create the Boa Vista House, a tranquil refuge in the Brazilian countryside. Located on a sloping north-facing piece of land, the house was designed to the client’s exact specifications: a country home that was closely connected to the surrounding landscape, full of fresh breezes, light-filled, and sheltered from the heat and strong sunlight.

Unique Volumetric Design

The house’s volumetric design is particularly striking, featuring a large concrete slab that appears almost detached from the rest of the dwelling. To ensure that all of the rooms had a view of the surrounding countryside, the plan was composed of two intersecting volumes, one for private and one for social activities.

The clients wanted a home that would age gracefully, so the program was arranged on a single floor. The house and its accompanying shed form a perfect square on the ground, a shape that is rarely found in nature and that contrasts starkly with the landscape. The long straight lines of this form create a play of colors and contrasts that change throughout the day on the walls and floor.

Bringing Nature Indoors

The living area of the Boa Vista House features large windows that offer sweeping views of the hills and the nearby pond from the veranda. These windows also allow the breeze to flow through the house, providing a pleasant atmosphere during the Brazilian summer. The strip windows along the circulation enable cross ventilation in the entire house, while also reinforcing the relationship between inside and outside and giving nature a prominent role in the experience of the interiors. The private area of the house faces the landscape, but in a more secluded position, set back from the main road and with an unobstructed view of the pond and the sunrise over the hills. The two volumes form an inner courtyard that is sheltered from the northeast winds. This area also serves as an outdoor living space where the owners can entertain guests in privacy.

Photography courtesy of Gabriel Pozzobom

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