BLG Apartment, a home located in Thessaloniki, Greece in Aristotelous Square, is designed by Ark4lab of Architecture in 2022. It is a modern living space with a unique combination of traditional principles and contemporary aesthetics that offer a special experience for the user and the visitor. The space is characterized by handmade plaster ceilings, a mosaic fireplace, multifunctional furniture and a mixture of cast and marble floor fragments.

About BLG Apartment

Transforming Traditional into Modern

In Aristotelous Square, one of Thessaloniki’s most emblematic buildings, a third-floor apartment with a stunning harbor view is looking for a new owner who values modern aesthetics and lifestyle combined with traditional principles. The former typical space arrangement of the apartment was transformed into a modern living space that collaborates with the pre-existing. Restoring the old wooden floor with the traces of the old walls participating in a ‘mosaic of floors’ adds interesting complexity with different qualities.

A Welcoming Entrance and Stunning Kitchen

As soon as you enter the apartment, the elaborate floor with a mixture of cast and marble fragments greets you. The kitchen, with a linear island facing the view, adds character to the space and maximizes the ability to enjoy the view. The multifunctional sofa that connects the living room with the office, the handmade plaster ceilings, the handmade mosaic fireplace, and the caryatid in the master bedroom all contribute to a cohesive design.

A Unique Living Space with Modern Touches

The living room, office, and master bedroom all compose a single space with a unique background. The design complexity creates an easy-to-read space that reflects the user’s personality. The apartment features uniform surfaces in earthy colors, rock surfaces, metallic gold surfaces, aged wood in different shades, designs with Hellenistic references, and fabric coverings. These materials coexist and work together to create a special experience for both the user and the visitor, making it more than just a living space.
Photography by Nikos Vavdinoudis

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