In the heart of Riccione, Italy – famed for its rejuvenating summer allure – the Black Stone Villa stands tall. This modern three-story house, masterfully designed by GLZ in 2019, marries transatlantic architectural hints with inspirations from the volcanic slopes of Mount Etna.

Designed for a notable family from Bologna, its enchanting interplay of black and white serves as a canvas for celebrated artworks and renowned furniture brands.

About Black Stone Villa

A Transatlantic Architectural Gem in Riccione

An exquisite summer residence awaits in Riccione for a distinguished family from Bologna. Originally, this tranquil haven served a renowned entrepreneurial couple and their daughter. Impressively, the design pays homage to transatlantic architecture. Think: a pristine structure perched on a foundation of lavic stone. This stone accents all horizontal surfaces, both inside and out. Significantly, this nods to one of the spouses’ origins, nestled near the slopes of Mount Etna.

A Seamless Transition of Creative Direction

When Alessandro La Perna, the initial project head, stepped back, a period of immersion followed. First, there was a deep understanding of the previously conceived ideas. Then, a burst of fresh intentions surfaced. For instance, the façades, both front and rear, underwent a transformation. Now, they echo the 1950s, seamlessly blending with post-war residential buildings in the immediate vicinity.

Fusing Interior and Exterior Spaces

Moreover, the bond between the indoors and outdoors is undeniable. The pool, along with the pre-existing annex, became focal design points. So did the meticulous selection of finishes and custom furniture pieces. The hypnotic contrast of black and white sets a dramatic backdrop for showcased art pieces. Also, renowned brand furnishings punctuate the space, revealing the homeowners’ deep passion for fine aesthetics.

Photography by Marco Tacchini

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