In the bustling seaport of Vladivostok, Russia, stands BENUAR, a gem conceptualized by designer Valery Lizunov. Inspired by Mediterranean Cipriani eateries, the restaurant marries vast glass expanses with the serenity of seashores.

This 2023 masterpiece captures the essence of luxe dining, blending Vladivostok’s renowned seafood prowess with captivating interior details for an unmatched gastronomic experience.

Aboout Benuar

Mediterranean Inspired Elegance

Inspired by the seaport’s ambiance, the venue boasts vast glass expanses, evoking memories of Mediterranean Cipriani restaurants.

Comfort Meets Luxury

Textures, materials, and spatial designs converge to ensure patrons feel at ease, reminiscent of home or a lavish yacht. Here, two restaurant walls reveal a parapet, marking the seashore’s beginning. Patrons inevitably feel relaxed and certain that the venue surpasses their expectations.

Stepping Into Opulence

Through the glass doors, guests are welcomed into a lobby that mirrors a rosewood box. Beyond a cozy passage, a bar awaits. Finished in onyx, the bar shimmers with stunning lighting. In contrast, the lounge flourishes with high ceilings and expansive windows. Adjacently, a glass annex serves as a winter garden, complete with seating options.

Playful Artistry Meets Class

The ambiance strikes a balance: festive yet unpretentious. This blend is evident in the art pieces, from a two-meter (approximately 6.6 feet) blue Mickey Mouse selfie zone to lounging “hands” drawing heavy velvet curtains.

Dynamic Dining

BENUAR shines in versatility. Perfect for both business meetings and friendly catch-ups, it can effortlessly transition into an evening restaurant with thrilling entertainment. This thoughtful design ensures diners bask in daylight meals and, come night, relish captivating performances.

All-Encompassing Views

Every table offers an unobstructed view of the stage. A special “benoir” lodge caters to VIP guests and inspired the restaurant’s name. Thanks to seven-meter (approximately 23 feet) high ceilings, a mezzanine level features seating and provides a vantage point over the lounge and stage.

Crafted Acoustics and Ambiance

Glazing imparts an airy feel. However, when the sun sets and performances commence, thick curtains ensure soundproofing and desired ambiance, serving both as décor and functional elements.

Culinary Excellence

The interior’s grandeur complements the restaurant’s signature cuisine, spotlighting seafood—a natural choice in Primorsky Krai’s capital. BENUAR stands unparalleled in the city, beckoning those yearning for a fulfilling, delectable, and honorable dining experience.

Photography by Alexander Khom

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