In the vibrant urban setting of São Paulo, Brazil, the Bento House emerges as a contemporary home by FCstudio. Captivatingly, this house juxtaposes metallic exteriors and exposed concrete walls, creating a dynamic interaction with its surroundings.

With a unique ability to alternate between total privacy and intentional openness, the design blurs boundaries between the indoors and outdoors. Highlighting a mix of materials in their purest forms, such as steel, wood, and concrete, this residence not only celebrates the authenticity of Brazilian design but also promises functionality for a young family’s urban lifestyle.

About Bento House

How the House Connects with Nature

This house looks like a shiny metal box on top of strong concrete walls. It’s special because it has two ways to interact with the outside. The top floor can close up to block sun, give privacy, and make it quiet. But when wanted, it can open in some spots to let in light and air.

Blurring the Line Between Inside and Out

On the other hand, the bottom floor easily joins with the garden. Big windows make it feel like the garden is part of the house. The furniture, including things like our coffee table and dining table, mixes the house’s look with a touch of Brazil.

Below, there’s a basement that holds up the main floor. It’s made to not block the pretty views of the garden. The house was made for a young family, so it’s very useful and easy to live in.

Simple and Real Materials

The house uses simple things like steel, wood, and concrete, and doesn’t hide them. As they get older and show wear, they make the house feel more homey. From the street, the Bento house looks quiet and private. A metal layer and a gate hide some of it. When you go inside, you see how the main part connects right to the garden. It’s a calm spot in the busy city of São Paulo.

Photography courtesy of FCstudio

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