Welcome to a seamless blend of history and modernity in the heart of Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood. Olbos Studio has masterfully reinvented a late 19th-century townhouse into a canvas of contemporary elegance for a worldly couple. This renovation embraces the area’s storied past with its lofty ceilings and traditional brickwork, while infusing a vibrant palette that captures the essence of its occupants—a lawyer with a penchant for tattoos and a strategist steeped in fine arts. The redesigned Bed-Stuy Townhouse marries classic architecture with forward-thinking design, making every corner a dialogue between tradition and innovation.

About Bed-Stuy Townhouse

Revitalizing Bed-Stuy: A Fusion of Past and Present

Olbos Studio proudly unveils the revitalized late 1800s Bed-Stuy townhouse, tailored for a cosmopolitan couple. They transformed grungy bricks into an elegant, colorful backdrop. Subsequently, the project’s heart lies in a playful space, mirroring the diverse backgrounds of its owners—a tattoo-loving lawyer from Singapore and a fine arts strategist from Hong Kong.

A Dialogue of Design and Light

Maintaining an open-plan, the living area invites daylight to enhance the high ceilings. As guests step in, they encounter a welcoming dining room. Here, vibrant textiles and geometric chandeliers complement “Party of six,” an original painting, creating an ambiance of lively conversation.

Adversity to Advantage: Structural Reinvention

Early design stages revealed compromised structural integrity, leading to a stunning innovation. Consequently, Olbos Studio crafted a black valchromat bookcase, extending from floor to ceiling. This feature artfully conceals the new support structure, unifying the dining room’s aesthetic with the kitchen’s terrazzo counterparts.

Contemporary Craftsmanship in Detail

Moreover, the living room boasts a blue Camaleonda sofa and a pop yellow Roly Poly armchair, anchored by a mirrored coffee table. In addition, the kitchen showcases craftsmanship with a matte petrol green finish and terrazzo tops. Orange pendants dangle above, symbolizing a warm, airy feel.

Furthermore, elegant blue paneling softens the Parlor level’s brightness, enhancing serenity. Similarly, the Powder Room stands out with its ethereal wallpaper and quirky spherical lights.

In the master bedroom, exposed bricks take center stage, set against furniture with smooth, calming lines.

Throughout the townhouse, vibrant color accents are juxtaposed against stone and metal. Finally, Olbos Studio masterfully marries the historic charm of Brooklyn with modern sophistication, crafting a space that’s at once timeless and forward-thinking.

Photography by Filippo Tommasoli

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