Experience the epitome of coastal luxury with Beach House, a contemporary home masterfully crafted by Claudia Lambert Interiors in 2022. Set in the serene backdrop of Southern Australia, this house epitomizes the harmony of mid-century modern design with today’s lifestyle.

Each corner offers a visual delight, from sleek lines framing the ocean view to the playful yet elegant interior touches that make the space both functional and aesthetically groundbreaking.

Modern living room with large windows, minimalistic furniture, and an ocean view.
Modern room with art posters, unique white console and velvet chair.
Modern vanity with round mirror, unique cylindrical base, and minimalistic decor.
Modern kitchen with white cabinets, central island, and gold accents.
Modern kitchen with white cabinets, island, and dining table.
Modern dining room with marble table, black chairs, and artistic wall decor.
Modern living room with minimalist white sofa, abstract art, and unique side table lamp
Modern bedroom with abstract wall art, white bedding, and brass lamps.
Modern room with a bench, artwork, and floor lamp.

About Beach House

Delve into the essence of coastal luxury with the Beach House, a masterpiece crafted by Claudia Lambert Interiors in the serene landscapes of Australia. This 2022 project embodies a harmonious blend of contemporary flair and mid-century modern elegance, reflecting an intimate connection with the scenic beachside vistas it overlooks.

Serenity Meets Style

Step inside and you’re immediately greeted by an open-plan living space where natural light floods through expansive windows, framing the unspoiled beach views. The soft hues of the plush sofas and the organic textures of the wood floors reflect the sandy shores outside, creating a seamless indoor-outdoor synergy.

Artistic Interiors

Move further into the heart of the Beach House and discover a personal gallery where art pieces meet interior sophistication. Dark, rich wooden panels provide the backdrop for bold art, while designer furnishings—such as the sleek daybed and sculptural lamp—add a layer of high-fashion allure.

A Modern Slumber

The bedroom redefines relaxation with its minimalist lines and earthy tones. Here, a striking headboard wall art becomes the centerpiece, accompanied by bedside lamps that echo the golden hours of the coastal sunrise. The room is a sanctuary of calm, promising restful nights enveloped in luxury.

Continuing the exploration, the Beach House reveals a vanity area where simplicity reigns. The space is a testament to modern design, featuring a unique table that combines functionality with style, mirrored by a playful interaction of reflection and light from the adjacent wall art.

Concluding this journey is the kitchen and dining area, where clean lines and pristine surfaces illustrate modern living. White cabinetry and a marble dining table set the stage for intimate gatherings, while a sculptural pink art piece adds an unexpected splash of vibrant color, making every meal an occasion.

Beach House is a tribute to the art of contemporary living, a celebration of design where every corner tells a story, curated meticulously by Claudia Lambert Interiors.

Photography by Hannah Blackmore

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