Beach Bays Cottage, designed by Foreshew Design Associates in Ontario, Canada, redefines luxury with its contemporary approach to lakeside living. Merging the rugged charm of Georgian Bay with modern architectural finesse, this cottage offers panoramic lake views through expansive glass facades, creating a seamless connection with the serene landscape.

Contemporary lakeside house with expansive windows and stone details at dusk.
Contemporary living room with fireplace and floor-to-ceiling windows.
Contemporary living space with high ceilings and large windows
Modern living room with stone fireplace, large windows, and lake view.
Modern kitchen with marble countertops and glass doors leading to dining area.
Modern kitchen with wooden cabinets and stainless steel appliances.
Contemporary kitchen with stone wall and wooden cabinetry.
Contemporary interior with steel staircase and glass balustrade.
Contemporary bedroom with large windows overlooking a serene lake.
Contemporary bedroom with large windows and lake view.
Modern bathroom with a freestanding tub and lake view.
Contemporary house with glass balcony and outdoor dining area
Contemporary lakeside home with large windows and outdoor seating.
Contemporary house with large windows and stone accents.
Contemporary glass-fronted house with stone pathways amidst natural landscape.

About Beach Bays Cottage

A Lakeside Sanctuary: The Beach Bays Cottage

Beach Bays Cottage stands as a contemporary lakeside haven, deeply honoring its natural surroundings. With meticulous craftsmanship, it aligns with the landscape’s rhythm, offering a unique retreat on Georgian Bay that basks in the sunset’s glow.

Ingenious Design Meets Nature

Foreshew Design Associates brilliantly executed an architectural masterpiece. The cottage’s elongated structure wraps around the bedrock, showcasing panoramic lake views from every angle. Ascending roof lines lead from the entrance to impressive heights by the lake, enhancing the breathtaking scenery and vast skies. Moreover, the exterior’s color palette merges seamlessly with Georgian Bay’s rugged bedrock.

Glass: A Window to Serenity

The design strategically incorporates vast glass openings and doors, inviting the stunning lake vista into every room. Glass plays a crucial role, ensuring the interior’s harmony with the tranquil environment and maintaining clear sightlines. Notable features include a transparent wine display, an ambient-lit “floating” staircase, and an outdoor dining area with a large stacking glass door, leading to an exceptional bar.

Blending Function with Elegance

Achieving a fine balance, the cottage offers both functional efficiency and spaces that are distinct yet communal. It integrates flawlessly with the natural topography, with exterior colors that blend into the environment, showcasing the landscape’s grandeur without compromising architectural integrity. The strategic use of decorative timber frames, inside and out, adds a subtle elegance, elevating the aesthetic appeal.

This harmonious integration of structure and setting not only fulfills the client’s vision for a lakeside sanctuary with unobstructed views but also sets a benchmark in design that respects and enhances its natural environment.

Photography courtesy of Foreshew Design Associates

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