Bahçeköy House is a luxurious contemporary residence located in Istanbul, Turkey, designed in 2018 by Habif Mimarlık.


Bahçeköy House designed for a young family of four, located in Bahçeköy, Istanbul. The main motive of our concept is to have capaciously open spaces for living areas and link the interior with the exterior through large Windows and terraces.

As viewed from the outside, the house gives strong and secure sense through concrete-stone mixed material of facade, however serves very open and airy space inside facing the private garden at the rear. The large Windows at the ground floor level incoroporate sliding doors that open onto the pool side terrace and fill the living and dining space with natural light.

When designing, both for inside & outside, natural outcomes of the materials have been preserved as much as possible. Corten steel garden Wall, handmade concrete-stone mixed facade, natural looking of wood and marble have been used in the aim of creating warm and ‘living’ atmosphere both in and out side. All the furniture has been designed as a built-in interior. It ‘s mostly combination of black and natural oiled oak, pastel tones of lacquared MDFs. Metal elements are mostly choosen in black and particularly copper & satinet metal tones. The atmosphere has been created principally in a plain way; the details, furniture, and several art pieces bring the colour accents to the interior.

As an architectural element, a sculptural staircase has been designed, linking the three levels and coated with natural oiled oak which gives warm atmosphere to the volume. Hand rail has been varnished in black creating a linear trace for distinct perception of the form.

In the garden, next to the swimming pool, a poolhouse has been designed, accommodates a living space, kitchenette, outdoor lounge, gym, changing room and toilet. On the front side Wall height sliding Windows allow natural light fulfilling the inner space, and creates an open space next to the pool on demand.

Photography by İbrahim Özbunar

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